Denuncia: [STT]Adrian[sF]
Nick: JunChen
Admin: [STT]Adrian[sF]
Motivo: Refused to provide any evidence of a permanent ban

instead of providing any evidence, this admin simply refused and said another admin had banned me. Does that mean an admin can ban a player that was banned before without any evidence? I was going to put another ban review on my other account, I just didn't know how to do it before. Instead of simply denying and saying something irrelevant, why not just provide evidence? I am pretty sure I did not use aimbot. So I really want to see based on what you were banning me permanently. 

If your only reason is that I was banned by another admin before, I highly doubt whether this is justice. I don't think there is such a rule that players banned before can't come back with a new account. What's more, I didn't admit the previous ban as well, I just didn't know how to report here before I found the translator.
O administrador responsável não apresentou as provas do banimento.

A conta ''JunChen'' será desbanida.
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